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Overcoming Fear

Breaking Free: Image by Focx Photography via Flicker What is fear? Fear is not knowing. Fear is giving up when the road gets rough. Fear is not trying. Fear is avoiding risks. Fear is failure. Fear is taking the easy way out. Fear is weak. Fear is not speaking the truth. Fear is chickening out. … Continue reading

Preparing to Serve

On May 24, 1935, nine year old George Weyerhaeuser, was kidnapped while walking home from school in Tacoma, Washington. George was the son of J.P. Weyerhaeuser who started the Weyerhaeuser lumber company. George was abducted by Harmon Waley and William Dainard. These two men had met in the Idaho State Penitentiary and had devised a … Continue reading

A Higher Calling

The temperature is a scorching 100 degrees outside. It is a clear afternoon in the sandy regions of Puerto PeƱasco, Mexico. To the tourists this fishing village is known as Rocky Point. A slight breeze gives little relief to the heat, but the beating down sun drains your energy and motivation. The roads are made … Continue reading

Are you Prepared?

A couple weeks ago I had an experience that made me ponder the question: Am I prepared? Stephanie and I decided to take a long walk to get some ice cream. We walked the first 4.8 miles to Cold Stone Creamery and enjoyed our ice cream. We then began the trek back home. Now, this … Continue reading

Line in the Sand

I have had a word on my heart for a few weeks now, however, I have not been able to pin point exactly what the Holy Spirit has wanted me to write. This is an attempt to write down what the Lord has spoken to me about. May the Holy Spirit enlighten you as He … Continue reading

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