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Redefining Your Voice

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading a lot of different books and blogs about writing. I started this journey of writing down my thoughts last year. It wasn’t until recently when I decided that I wanted to be more intentional about how often I posted and to what level I wanted to take my blog. The thing I have been struggling most with is redefining my voice.

We all have that little voice that speaks to us. It’s that voice that tells us whether we are able to do something or not. For some that voice gives them encouragement and inspiration, while for others it gives discouragement and caution. Our inner voice is cultivated by our experiences and education. If we failed at something in the past, the voice will be there to remind us of those failures and to not repeat them again. If we had a success, the voice may even tell us to be cautious because that was a lucky break. Our inner voice is an important part of who we are. Though, for many of us, we need to redefine our inner voice.


Take Gideon for instance. His story is outlined in Judges chapter 6 and 7. One day Gideon was working, when he was approached by an angel of the Lord (chap. 6, v. 13). The angel referred to Gideon as a mighty warrior. Gideon’s immediate response to the angel was “Are you kidding me?” Okay, so that is my paraphrase, but that is the gist of what Gideon said. Gideon’s inner voice was telling him that he came from the weakest tribe in Israel, and not only that, Gideon was the weakest in his family (chap 6. v. 15). Gideon was getting a direct word from God that he was a mighty warrior, however, Gideon was allowing his current circumstance, and past experiences dictate his response. Gideon’s inner voice was telling him that he was weak and there was no way he would ever be considered a mighty warrior. As you read on, Gideon would eventually lead three hundred men into battle to defeat the massive Midianite army.

Bringing it Home

For me my inner voice has told me that I can’t write. It tells me that I don’t have enough experience or enough education and training to write about certain things. What I have begun to realize is that I need to redefine my inner voice. I need to start taking risks, stepping out in faith and relying on God’s strength. I need to stop standing on the sidelines and watching the game. I need to now get into the game and start playing.

We can be like Gideon’s initial response and when a dream or promise is deposited in our lives from God, we can easily dismiss it. We can easily say there is no way I can do that. However, God deposited those dreams, aspirations, and promises to you. And God is telling you that “you can do it, if you let Me help.” You see, when Gideon defeated the Midianites with only three hundred men, it wasn’t because that was all he had. In fact, Gideon started with an army of about 30,000 men. However, God dwindled the army down to 300, so that Gideon and Israel would know that it was God’s strength that conquered the enemy and delivered them. However, it took Gideon redefining his inner voice and stepping out in faith, for this to happen.
The same is true for each of us. God wants us to pursue those seemingly impossible dreams. God wants us to take that leap of faith and move forward. Even if we don’t have the resources, ability or strength. In the end God wants us to do our part, so that he can do His part and everyone will know that it was through the power of God that those impossible dreams were accomplished!

The Challenge

Do you need to redefine your voice? If so, what impossible dream do you need to pursue. Take this time to pray and ask God to redefine your voice. Ask God to deposit that impossible dream in your life. Then take the next necessary and intentional step towards making that dream a reality. For Gideon it was cutting his army of 30,000 men down to 300 men. For me it is writing this blog. What is it for you?

Use the comment section below to share your dreams and next steps. Let’s engage as a community in redefining our voices!


About Aaron Coon

Christian, Writer, Speaker, Curious Observer. Married to my beautiful Stephanie & we attend @LifewayAZ. We love the Lord and want to serve Him and His people!


2 thoughts on “Redefining Your Voice

  1. It’s funny how God seems to use the right moments for me to read your blogs. There is something that God has been showing me in my face that is possible only through him if I do step out of faith, that is in the talent of doing art. Many including you guys have encouraged me to pursue the artistic talent that lives in me lol. And well yesterday a big brother in Christ donated funds so that it could go directly to the art work, I’ve been able to create not through my own ability but through the Lord, and well when he first gave me the money I began to think should I really use it for my art or for the ministry, and then that big brother sends me an email, letting me know that he felt spiritually led to tell me to specifically use those funds towards my art. At the moment I began to think God is giving me an opportunity to sell his artwork,to mysteriously be able to minister to others through hidden messages. So for me, I will pursue my art talent not in my own strenght but in Christ :)..I’m stepping out in faith, and I’m nervous too lol..

    Posted by Clarra | June 25, 2012, 9:21 am


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